Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Reason Tila's Twitter and FaceBook Were Suspended

If my Nonni were still alive, she'd be shaking her bony finger in Tila Tequila's face warning her of the impending punishment for all her shenanigans. You don't fuck with Nonni, and the beatdown Tila would receive from a 4'9" grandma whose arm muscles were honed from years of hand rolling her own pasta dough, and beating the dust out of the carpets on Sunday would rival any that Tila encountered on the mean streets of H-Town. You don't fuck with Nonni!

Tila's latest fuckery caps off several days of ranting, raving, and assorted babble on FaceBook after Alex Jones invited her to speak on his radio program tomorrow. My money is on her hyping up this interview until the very last minute, getting a lot of media attention, and then purposely not showing up. The ensuing drama as media outlets around the world pick up the story with updates on Tila's possible whereabouts will ensure a carnival atmosphere not see since Where's Waldo met up with OJ in the white bronco. Need I remind you of the drama surrounding the homecoming from her 5150 aneurysm, when her manager called the cops for a welfare check and Tila refused to answer the door?

Of course, us long time haters can pinpoint with deadly accuracy the steps Tila needs to take to set up this upcoming drama. The Twitter suspension of September 12, 2012 has been played out, and despite Tila's best efforts to suggest the Illuminati shut her down, the evidence from the hater responsible for the shut down cannot be denied. Tila's Twitter was suspended because she posted what she thought was the contact information of a hater, Network305, that she obtained from a Twitter double-agent. Here is a copy of the email Network305 was sent by Twitter. Note the subject line refers to 'OfficialMsTila' and it reads that Tila's Twitter account was suspended for "violating Twitter's policy of posting private information". I've highlighted the dates to show that this was the complaint ticket that shut her down.

With Tila's Alex Jones interview close at hand, she needs to allude to more covert Illuminati sabotage. Enter FaceBook. Now, I don't think Tila intended to get her FaceBook page suspended last night for a period of 30-days, but she certainly took advantage of the serendipity of it occurring right when she was building up the drama of her impending kidnapping or death.

Around 2:00 a.m. she posted up this youtube video: Tila Censored From Freedom of Speech. What follows is 12 minutes of rambling and semi-coherent rants, with half her mouth drooping to her tits, as she accuses Facebook of trying to silence her after receiving a message that her account would be blocked for 30 days due to violation of community standards. This screenshot was provided by SMHatFools. SMHatsFools claims he received his after too much spamming and obscenities. He also pointed out that the block only affects your ability to post or comment on other people's walls. In other words, Tila would still be able to post or comment on her own, which is what she does anyway.

But according to the video she put, she believes FaceBook is 'violating her free speech', not realizing that FaceBook is not a government sanctioned company, and therefore has no obligation to uphold her rights. It's their company, they set the rules, and if you don't like it, tough titties! She keeps suggesting it's the Illuminati watching her and sending her a warning by blocking her so she won't go on Alex Jones' show. She even implied that she might be kidnapped and taken away by black SUVs should she continue with her plans.

So, why did Tila's FaceBook get suspended? Well, there's a whole bunch of possibilities. Tila claims they sent her a message that it's because of her Hitler shaking hands with an alien picture. Then she rants about all the disgusting hard core porn pictures that she allows on her wall posts, and how porn is allowed but she gets suspended because she just wants to help people.

Let's check out the FaceBook Terms Of Service, 12 Reasons Facebook Can Suspend Your Account:

1. Nudity or pornography. As Tila points out in her video, but doesn't seem to get the connection, the porn she ignored on her wall posts could be the culprit.

3. Fake profile: Earlier in the day Tila tried to change the name on her FaceBook, likely to avoid Alex Jones followers from Googling 'Tila Tequila" as part of their search and coming up with all her lies. She tried several times and posted her frustration that she couldn't do it. Those actions could have alerted them to the possibility of a fake profile.

4 Threatening someone: She has made numerous threats to the Illuminati and people in high positions. She has talked about going to war with them.

5. Hate speech/content: She has been encouraging an uprising and a call to action from her followers. Doesn't matter if you believe it's an evil group you're uprising against, the fact is there are people who won't take kindly to threats.

6. Using Profile For Spamming: All day she was promoting her Alex Jones interview, and posted literally a dozen or more statues in a few hours.

10. More than one profile: Again, this goes back to her attempts to change her profile name. If you use the same name or same information, then one or both accounts can be suspended. I have a feeling this was a big part of the suspension.

11. Too many messages: Again, she posted many statuses in a short period of time, and supplemented them with tons of comments. She was totally blowing up her follower's timelines.

So you see, when you think about it for half a second, it's not the CIA, or the Illuminati or the spam-bots putting you out of business, it's the 7 out of 12 bone-headed things you were doing that got you suspended.

With Tila off FaceBook, (although like I mentioned earlier, she can still post to her own wall), she is on youtube begging her followers to get the word out to the media to ensure a huge kerfluffle and a big audience for tomorrow's fuckery with Alex Jones.

You can bet your ass, I'll be listening to the shit hit the fan, nibbling my government cheese, downing a 40 and smacking my kid upside the head, like a true trailer trash hater/spambot!